Monday, June 30, 2008


is that a word? it is now ;-)

i just spent an afternoon working at the desk in my new office. i'm not officially moved in yet - it's still full of builder's stuff, and there's loads of essential illustrating equipment [mainly, the stereo and my music collection] that i can't move in there yet, so it won't be fully operational for a week or two...

but it feels veryverygood to be able to sit at my own desk again after months spent sharing the dining table with mealtimes and eddie's half-painted warhammer figures...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

here comes the sun [again]

the third challenge is now up and running on the greenbelt here comes the sun thingy...
go have a look, and have a go.

[warning! doctor who spoiler! ian B - don't read this post!]


when i was a kid, davros was the scariest and most brilliantly repulsive thing i'd ever seen...

well it looks like he's back! eek!

[i'll be watching from behind the sofa...]

Monday, June 23, 2008


stayed up very late last night to watch adam buxton's new project on bbc3 - meebox.

well worth seeking out on the bbc iplayer...
i particularly enjoyed this...

and this...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

i've recently been working on a range of cards for some friends - hopefully they'll be coming to a shop near you at some point in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime we have a few hundred prototype copies for sale...

new drinks




old dog




they cost £1 each, plus 50p per order for p&p, and you can order them by emailing suzi hamlin at or by snail-mailing your order to her at 579 scott hall road, leeds, LS7 2NF [make sure you state which card/s you want and how many of each...]

Friday, June 6, 2008

here comes the sun...

we love greenbelt

and as part of our contribution this year i'm sort-of co-ordinating a little interactive online artistic project, loosely ripped off from this, based on the festival's 'rising sun' theme, and called 'Here Comes The Sun'.

the idea is that every week or so we'll set a simple creative challenge, and then anyone who fancies doing it can post their results back on flickr [or to me and i'll put it up for them] for everyone to admire. there's a facebook group connected to it too, but as i'm a facebook refusenik, i don't know much about that side of the project... ;-)

the thing will kick into gear next week sometime, but if you fancy a sneaky peek, copy and paste this url - - into your browser window and see what we've got planned [but don't tell anyone that i sent you, it's not gone 'live' yet...]

and if you fancy getting on board and having a go, we're already after submissions for challenge no1 - "Make a songlist of no more than ten sun-related tracks for your iPod. Hand-write your list, with your favourite line from each song and scan/photograph it, then post the image to Flickr with the tag greenbelt:sunproject=songlist "

if you're partial to a bit of musical miserable-ism you can so see my ever-so-slightly melancholic list of sun-related tunes here.

go on. make us a playlist.
you know you want to.

[kudos to lloydyfor the image...!]

Thursday, June 5, 2008

been away

over the half term holiday we went off to northumbria for a bit of a break, staying in a little port town called amble.
we had a great time - highlights included fighting vikings on lindisfarne, being stalked by mark 'full monty' addy, seeing a seal, playing a lot of scrabble with the kids, alnwick gardens, joe learning to ride a bike, the baltic gallery and seven storeys in newcastle, bamburgh castle, and beaches.lovely, lovely beaches. it was our first visit to that part of the world and it won't be our last...
there are photos on our flickr site [there's a newly-added link on the right there...]

meantime, here's the first finished page from this story that i'm illustrating for the second 'parable' anthology...

[and some exciting building-work news - my new office is now plastered and floored!
still a load of stuff to do before it's all finished, especially on the outside, but i'm looking at being in and working in there in the next few weks. hurrah!]