Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


lent is coming up fast, and so there's been a steady stream of email requests about '40' [previously blogged here]

hi to anyone who's found their way here looking for it!

the best place to get ahold of a copy is via proost in book or movie form - the book has excellent meditations written by chris goan.

if you do visit the proost site, make sure you have a good browse while you're there because there's a ton of fantastic stuff on there - music, meditations, liturgies, movies.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

highly recommended...

back in the day when we got our first computer and i was discovering the joy of the internet for the very first time i used the one-click facility on amazon a lot. a couple of bank statements later we decided that maybe one-click was not such a great idea, and now anything that i like the look of on there goes into my wish list where it sits gathering dust...

this explains why i'm a bit behind the curve with this, but i just recently got to spend some amazon vouchers on bon iver's utterly magnificent for emma forever ago. i read a review that said something like "every minute spent not listening to this record feels like time wasted", which sounded like ridiculous music-journalist-hyperbole to me, but actually that's not so wide of the mark, as the cd has barely been out of the player since it arrived earlier in the week. you can grab a four-track live session showcasing some of the album here.

when i can bear to prise bon from the cd tray, he's replaced by the welcome wagon. (there's a free download of a track off the album to be had at that link). again, it's a great album full of very genuine folky gospel songs. 'up on a mountain' is the pick of the bunch, and - apart from a dodgy smiths cover and an unnecessary tune about a snowman - it's a total delight.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fresh expressions and '40'

the '40' sequence of jesus in the wilderness pics that i drew for a revive greenbelt service a few years back is currently being plugged on the february 2009 'fresh expressions' podcast - you can hear it via this link - it's right at the end after the surfers and brian mclaren...

hi to anyone who's found their way to this blog on the back of the podcast - if you're looking to buy a copy of '40' your best bet is where you can buy it remarkably cheaply as a downloadable movie... there's a ton of other fantastic stuff available on there too [and i'd recommend checking out their subscription offers...]

deep, crisp, even...

...this was the view out from my studio yesterday afternoon.

joe travelled to and from school in his plastic sledge...

later on we had a big family snowball fight, which i was totally winning until i inadvertently planted my left foot into a bucket of stagnant pond-water and had to retire indoors to clean meself up. [i'm counting it as a moral victory...]

i went out and measured the snow and it was 15cm deep out there this morning.