Wednesday, June 24, 2009


we have a camping trip coming up... so i've had the tent out to check for mould [none discovered, thankfully] and we've located the camping stove, foldable chairs and sundry other outdoor essentials.

so this rough for a job that i'm working on seemed quite appropriate...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

martin wilson...

last year at greenbelt an undoubted highlight of the visual arts programme was martin wilson's little exhibition of photographs. each composite image was meticulously shot in sequence and printed up as contact sheets. [and if he makes a mistake he has to go back and start the whole sequence again from scratch, there's no photoshoppery allowed!]
he's just gone live with a new website and you can see some of the images here.

or, if you're in leicester, you can go see them in the flesh next month at the bishop street methodist church.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

if you're in london on wednesday...

...then this guided tour of an exhibition that's coming to greenbelt is really worth seeking out.

and while i'm banging on about greenbelt, the monthly festival podcasts are worth a listen. you can access them from here - in this month's episode there's an interview with vito from the welcome wagon and a guy called mark vernon saying some good stuff about why the church needs agnostics. april's 'cast has loads of stuff about the festival's arts programme and why it's important [and includes an interview with our good mate derek sounding ever so slightly camp in a cafe]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

half term etc

we went away for half term, down to dorset with the mintys, faulkners and hydes [old friends from our time in exile down south] and stopped off overnight at steve and moira's in bristol on the way there. apart from brief bumping into's at greenbelt, we've not really seen the broadways since we moved up here to leeds, so it was great to catch up and drink and eat great food [spicy chicken, soda bread, apple meringue] and wander round bristol with them.

here is a picture of steve doing the washing up.

steve and moira have a really inspiring home - art everywhere, a gallery space in the basement - and big things are happening in their little garden. [you can see some of what they're up to, horticulturally-speaking, in this handy video...]

dorset was lovely - good conversation, guinness cake, beer, the traumatising of the local crayfish population, sunshine, beaches, only one day when it absolutely tipped down, man u losing the champions league final [sorry minty]...

and so now it's back to work.