Sunday, February 28, 2010

via crucis

this will, i think, be great...

it's being curated by richard stott, the newly-appointed methodist chaplain for the arts [and a top bloke...]

if you're in the sheffield area around easter time it'll be well worth a visit...

on the buses 13 & 14...

last wednesday i went into town to ramble incoherently into rory's microphone for a podcast, whilst a busker murdered radiohead classics in the background. then i took him [rory, not the busker] to pasta romagne for a bite to eat before heading back home.
i'll alert you to the existence of the podcast when it's up so you can go laugh at my garbled lameness...

on the way in the plan was to draw animals, but chimneys took over, somehow.
and on the way back i sat on a seat next to some disgusting and discarded 'chixy chicken' wrappers. i also sat on my phone and rang lloydy by mistake. so time for drawing was a bit limited.
on the bus if you sit towards the rear you get to see the back of a lot of folks' heads. hence the three lads at the bottom there.

this week i watched a dvd called 'beautiful losers' which i'd recommend if you're into skateboarding or outsider art or engagingly eccentric americans or documentaries and stuff. there was some utterly lovely hand-painted typography on display [a lot of it by margaret kilgallen; her stuff was just brilliant] - very inspiring, and something that i'd like to filter into these prints i think... [this one above is maybe a starting point for that...]

Monday, February 22, 2010

even more bus things... [not that i'm obsessed or 'owt]

more bus stuff, sort of.

there are loads of drawings in sketchbooks from these bus journeys that don't make the finished prints.
some of them aren't rubbish, either, so when eddie's football got snowed off yesterday i was left with a few spare hours in which i was able to take some little lino offcuts and make these prints of them...

...with limited success [had some probs with the lino, and the smallness of them - about 40mm square - makes cutting and printing quite tricky]
the plan was to print them, and then tweak them once i'd seen how they'd come out. in practice, when i tried to make some improvements i ended up wrecking them. ah well.

but i'm quite pleased with the old boy in his cap, and the african lady with the glasses and the patterned headwear there...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

bus valentine...

[a little linoprint that i made for sue, with a few copies sent out to good friends on valentines day...]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

bus trips 11 & 12...

it's half term, so just for something to do, i dragged the boys into town.
i was kind of encouraged that they brought their sketchbooks with them, and maybe a little less enthralled by the mutant zombies that they drew en route.

this prints sees eddie's second appearance in the series, still wearing his peaked woolly hat and hoody combination. he does have other clothes, honest.

i'm trying to get more adventurous with the text in this one. with mixed results, maybe.
i'd quite like to do one sometime that's almost all text.

the printing is improving though - becoming more consistent across the set of 13 each time i'm doing them [some of the early ones look pretty dodgy now, alongside these more recent ones...]

the conversation bits are snippets from things we discussed on the way home, as joe read his bart simpson comic and eddie pondered his 'bounty' bar...

ps all the bus prints are now flickr-ed for easy viewing. here's the link

Monday, February 15, 2010


rough for an illustration for brf [the first thing i've done with them for a long time]

Friday, February 12, 2010

double figures...!

number ten!
sort of - it's probably number eleven really, but i kind of got out of sync at number seven [which should have been trips 7 & 8 - out and back - are you keeping up?]

anyway - to celebrate reaching double figures, i'm giving away four sets of all nine prints so far... if you want a set, just leave a comment on this post. i'll send the first four commenters a lovely parcel of prints.
job's a good'un!

meantime, i like travelling n this bus and getting off here, as somewhere en route it changes and when you get off it's no longer a 13 but a number 3. [does admitting that i like that make me a bit of a saddo? probably...]

bus trip 9

so i've broken a rule with the next two prints - because they were really pretty quick and short journeys, these are smaller than the regulation A5 size. hope that's ok with you :-)

i'm using some different, old lino here. it's harder than the other stuff i've been using, and when you heat it up to cut it smells evocatively of school cloakrooms, somehow...

i'm trying to be a bit less deliberate with the drawing and cutting here, and i kind of like it. i'm using some of the larger blades in the cutting tool to see how that affects things...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bus trip 8

still having some inking and printing problems. though i think that i'm beginning to resolve these, it's still a bit hit and miss :-(
[and without a press, and doing it by hand, maybe that's unavoidable...]

this is the bus stop on vicar lane where i get off the bus. a bit of a cheat maybe, as i drew the initial sketch after i'd wandered around town for a while, but i wanted to try something a bit different.

there's a couple more prints to do from yesterday, as i made the return journey via two buses, but i've not had time to draw those up yet. i think they'll be similar though - ie no figures, just bus-stops...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

bus trip no.7

a trip into town to get the train to blackburn.

out in the morning, back in the afternoon/evening, hence the different backgrounds of white at the top and the black panel at the bottom...
i got a bit more adventurous with drawing the furniture of the bus this time.[i tried to draw some shop fronts too but failed miserably!] i quite like these.

the journey home was in the rush hour, so was slowed by traffic, blizzardy conditions and a trainee driver. but because the bus was rammed i ended up sat up top, with the windows steamed up and the only view was of the back of many heads for the most part...:-(
the hand belonged to a small girl drawing in the condensation on the window.