Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

lino print process video

this is lovely. it's sort of hypnotic...
very therapeutic to watch...

Anatomy of a Linocut by Bill Fick from Jim Haverkamp on Vimeo.

bus trip 53

this is the last print; the last remaining image from the bus trip project...
[though it's not from the final journey, because i got out of synch]

there's not a huge amount to say about it - it's just seven people observed out and about from a bus on a relatively balmy night...
like a lot of these prints, it's a bit of a curate's egg - good in parts.
the guy in the checked shirt lets it down i think... the pattern doesn't sit so well with the more solid areas of black in the rest of the print.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

trip 66

so when you take on a little project like this, sometimes the inspiration and the enthusiasm lapse, and you're scrabbling around for stuff to draw and print. well, i was anyway.
so i had these little plans in mind for things that i could do if i was struggling for things to sketch. one option was to draw every animal i spotted, chimneys was one that i did get around to, and drawing an alphabet of fonts from shopfronts was one that i didn't.

this print has one of the classic stand-bys on it - drawing my own hands, drawing.
the bus windows were clogged up with snow-gunk, and there wasn't much to see in the bus that i hadn't already drawn loads before. so there you go.
the left hand is very pleasing; i'm less happy with the right...

and the bloke is just a guy who got on in chapel A... i've made him look a lot more sinister here than he was in real life :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the penultimate bus trip of the project.
and it's a bit of a cheat, if i'm honest.
this is an interesting window in chapel allerton, opposite the stop where i got off at the end of the journey.

a while back i had this idea to make lino prints of bits of interesting leeds architecture - the city centre is especially rich in uneccesarily flowery masonry, particularly when you look up above street level and the shopfronts. so i guess this print harks back to that idea and leaves me thinking that there's actually some mileage in it...