Thursday, July 17, 2014

more messing about, lino-printing fold-up books.

so here's another thing that i've been messing about with - making little fold-up books from lino prints.

this one contains pics of seven people that i observed and drew on visits to the Tetley art space in leeds.
it's a lovely place, well worth a visit.

i messed up the arrangement of the pages, so what should've been the cover is actually page 2... :-(

following on from this there'll be a similar fold-up of people drawn on a day out in norwich, one containing prints of some folk seen at the yorkshire sculpture park, and one of shoppers drawn in the trinity shopping centre in leeds.
when i can get round to doing them, of course...

I'll also hopefully get around to restocking my folksy shop before the end of the month, and will include some of these in there when i do.

meanwhile i bobbed in to chirpy's in leeds today and left some more cards and prints with harriet there; so if you're passing, nip in and have a look. i'm especially pleased with these big ready-mounted sets of my first six 'people of leeds' cards...  :-)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

messing about, drawing in photoshop

I've been messing about drawing in photoshop.

Here's the original pencil drawing alongside the more finished Photoshop piece [drawn over the top of a scan of the original sketch, direct into the computer using my graphics tablet]

Photoshop allows you to zoom in and get very detailed - i'm not sure if that helps or hinders the drawing process really, you lose some of the rough edges and the more expressive marks, and the whole thing can start to look a bit smooth.

it's all good practice though :-)