Wednesday, February 20, 2008

winter wonderland

this morning, it was beautiful. a flat grey fogged-out sky and every tree and bush and railing iced with rime and hoarfrost. kids were stood under a tree in the school playground, throwing a football up into the branches and dancing about in the cloudy shower of snowgrain that it was bringing down. in the garden there were bits of cobweb hanging on the washing line and fence panels, gently flexing in the breeze like little bendy icicles... and everything was still, the only sound was the crackle and rustle of things thawing.

meantime, i saw this invitation on ian's blog, and loved it - "...explore the possibility that faith is stepping into the stream of what God is already doing. That faith is not primarily about our faith in God, but about God's faith in us.... "

on the desk of late...

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