Wednesday, March 5, 2008

some days i see the point

on monday night i went to artisan and it was good. i showed '40' and talked a bit about it; and i didn't make a complete arse of myself in the process - cause for celebration. we decamped to a bar afterwards, where mike L showed up... good to catch up with him, and also to get to know mark waddington and helen from holy T a bit better - top people.

and off the back of that, yesterday was a really good day.

firstly, on the way to school i overheard this conversation...
mum [to small boy]: "now will you promise me that you'll be a good boy at school today?"
small boy [somewhat less than enthusiastically]: "yeah"
mum: "and when your teacher gets everyone to sit on the carpet, you'll be good then?"
boy: "yeah..."
mum: and today, if you need a wee, you'll put your hand up and ask and make sure that you go...?"
boy: "yeah..."
mum: "...before you sit on the carpet?"

later on, reminded by meeting mike, i downloaded some tracks from firstword - very nice.

after rejections from newcastle and nottingham, sue got invited for an interview at sheffield uni, which was the one she wanted. nothing's guaranteed, but it's another hurdle cleared.

the postman brought us the letter confirming eddie's place at the high school we'd chosen for him [allerton grange, our local secondary]

i got loads of admin done - for once i was proactive and not procastinatory [is that a real word?] and it felt good. must do it more often...

work went well. [see image below]

there is homemade flapjack and black sheep cake in the house.

i got an unexpected email inviting me to contribute to a comicbook anthology

our house smells of new carpet. i'd almost forgotten how much i love that smell.

i'm still working from the dining table, but the space around me is gradually transforming into a rather lovely place - sue says it feels like our room at last, and she's right. there's new paint on the walls and skirting, curtainy things hanging in the windows, three stanley spencer prints of christ in the wilderness [a 40th birthday present from much-loved chums] and an albert herbert smiling down on me as i draw stuff.

and the record player is also in here with me - sparking an eighties mini-revival in our home. the newly-laid laminate floor resounded to the tunes of the smiths, echo and the bunnymen and the waterboys.

two mildly eccentric blokes came to replace our old leccy meter - it was like having the chuckle brothers in the hall, but in a good way.

after school, me and eddie laughed ourselves stupid as he tried to explain the lyrics to his bands latest song ['spirits of london'] - he is a truly amazing kid [and i lose sight of that sometimes...]

i cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and beans for tea. joe was ecstatic.

on the desk yesterday...


bigdaddystevieB said...

I just loved this blog! Loads of things that made me laugh out loud and things that made me feel good inside (especially liked the bits about you+Eddie laughing yourself stupid over his band's lyrics and the Mum+kid conversation!). After having had a pretty difficult day at school, this was a real tonic. Having said that, there was one thing that really made me laugh at school: I give a lift to this teacher Andy (very good bloke); today he was late - eventually arrived at the car out of breath and somewhat ruffled. When I saw him at the start of school, he took me aside and said "you know I overslept this morning and got dressed in a rush (and in the dark as it happened)? Well, look at my feet and tell me if you notice something...." He'd got one brown shoe and black one!

blue hands said...

Ain't it brilliant when a day just goes right! Your day has made me smile at the beginning of my thursday (which is looking a bit complicated). A text from Alice made me snigger in a public place yesterday. She's been having trouble getting Mikey to wear gloves and then him howling with pain as his hands get cold. She's finally resolved it by putting her long knee socks on him, which come up to his armpits! No doubt the little houdini will manage to get out of them soon, but maybe the weather will be warmer by then.