Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year...

happy new year!

once again, it's been a while since my last post - apologies, as ever.

the robots are now all gone though, and i'm hoping that the beginning of the new year will be a bit less work-intensive and leave me a bit more time and headspace for blogging...

that said, over the christmas period i've begun work on four new church/bible narrative projects and i spent the final afternoon of 2008 drawing a crucified christ. (that's one of the weird things about my job - i'm totally out of synch with the rest of the year - due to publishing schedules and stuff, during holy week i'm usually working on some sort of christmas/advent epiphany thing and drawing shepherds and wise men; and in the festive season i'm thinking about easter...)

here's the first bit of artwork for one of those projects - 19 drawings for a 'stations of the resurrection' project. i'm working with ian from mayBe on this job, and i' quite excited about it.

anyhow, here's to 2009.

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jonny said...

happy new year! love to have anything you are up to on proost - peace