Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fresh expressions and '40'

the '40' sequence of jesus in the wilderness pics that i drew for a revive greenbelt service a few years back is currently being plugged on the february 2009 'fresh expressions' podcast - you can hear it via this link - it's right at the end after the surfers and brian mclaren...

hi to anyone who's found their way to this blog on the back of the podcast - if you're looking to buy a copy of '40' your best bet is www.proost.co.uk where you can buy it remarkably cheaply as a downloadable movie... there's a ton of other fantastic stuff available on there too [and i'd recommend checking out their subscription offers...]


Lisa said...

I'm a pastor in Fairfax, VA USA and I just saw your '40' Youtube clip. I was wondering if I could use your image of Jesus looking at the rainbow as a bulletin cover this weekend. My sermon focus is covenants and how Jesus may have been contemplating covenant promises out there in the wilderness for 40 days. That image is soooo perfect!

Lisa said...

p.s. I'd need for you to send me the image :)

Anonymous said...

hi lisa, email me and i'll see what i can do... :-)

[the address is si@simonsmithillustrator.co.uk]


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to thank you for your "40" illustrations. A friend of mine a long time ago shared them with me and I've prayed with them so many times since. When I received them, somebody thought it was a good idea to pair them with a Snow Patrol's song called "Run". When I feel down, I still pray with them and "Run" :)

Take care and thanks