Saturday, March 28, 2009

the damned united

yesterday morning joe [aged 8] announced that there was a film out at the moment that he "really really really wants to see" - turns out that it's the damned united, so he was quite disappointed to discover that it's a 15 certificate.
he was even more disappointed to discover that i had a ticket to go see it last night - ha!

i can thoroughly recommend the movie - it's basically a love story - funny, warm and beautifully put together - the attention to 70s detail is meticulous [apart from elland road being all seated with no perimeter fencing...] and the colour palette of the various locations is brilliantly chosen... i absolutely loved it and am trying to persuade sue that she should go [so that i can take her and see it again meself]

in preparation for last night, i'd watched the itv 'clough' documentary earlier in the week [it's repeated on friday and saturday next week apparently...]
that had some great moments - mostly old clips of the man himself from the 'calendar' and 'big match' archives.
but the view that it gave of clough was a frustratingly rose-tinted one... it felt very much the clough family taking the opportunity to stick the boot into the film [and maybe more pertinently, the david peace novel on which the movie is loosely based]
and, for a programme about a man who so very deliberately courted controversy, it was remarkably careful to avoid saying anything much any of the more controversial or paradoxical aspects of his life and career...

still, go see the movie. you will love it.

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