Friday, April 3, 2009

my brilliant wife and monsters vs aliens

my splendid missus sue just got accepted onto a phd course starting in september.
this is a big thing for us - it's quite a career swerve for her and it'll be a bit of a learning curve for all of us as a family [she won't be working teacher's hours for a start, so school holidays will be interesting!]
it's exciting though!

last nite me and the boys went to the opening film of the leeds young people's film festival, which is a great annual event in our calendar... the movie that they'd chosen to open with was 'monsters vs aliens', and despite a slow start [not unlike 'the incredibles', actually] it really gets going and we all loved it. i laughed so hard at one point that i lost a filling [absolutely true, though i was also chewing a toffee at the time...]
if you liked shrek and kung-fu panda, then i suspect you'll enjoy monsters vs aliens too...

so that's two movies in a week. it's almost like having a social life... :-)


bigdaddystevieB said...

Initially mis-read your blog title: in my head, I vaguely thought it said "my brilliant wife: monster or alien?"... clearly a sign that I'm getting old!
What wonderfully exciting news!
Brilliant.... but, at the very least, I was expecting to see a photo of the lovely lady!
Just have to wait to see her in flesh (as it were!) in a few weeks time!

blue hands said...

Many congrats to Sue. Exciting times!
M xxx