Thursday, July 23, 2009

iTunes randomness and most-played...

been meaning to blog these blog meme-y things for a while [and i won't be posting much for the next few weeks, so maybe it's a good 'holding' thing to stick up here, just to keep the thing ticking over...]

the first five tracks that my iTunes - set to shuffle - selected for me this morning...

good times bad times by led zep
the life of the fields by the occasional keepers
psycho magnet by spearmint
right on by marvin gaye
come to the water by church of the apostles

[that could have been a whole lot worse - since eddie got an ipod for his birthday there's a lot of fightstar, my chemical romance and recent oasis cropping up on my iTunes...]

the five most-played tracks on my iTunes...

your english is good by tokyo police club
either way by the twang
how long by clamateur vs steve lawson
bill is dead by the fall
myopic books by american music club

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bigdaddystevieB said...

Have only just come across American Music Club... I like Myopic Books too.
I've just checked my most-played tracks on my iTunes and I'm afraid they're rather more predictable/boring than yours:

Cold Water (Damien Rice)
Love Letter (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
Staralfur (Sigur Ros)
Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke)
From the Morning (Nick Drake)
In France They Kiss on Main Street (Joni Mitchell)

Guy Garvey hasn't given me a mention for months now!
Have a good summer (unsure at present if we'll make Greenbelt this year).