Sunday, February 28, 2010

on the buses 13 & 14...

last wednesday i went into town to ramble incoherently into rory's microphone for a podcast, whilst a busker murdered radiohead classics in the background. then i took him [rory, not the busker] to pasta romagne for a bite to eat before heading back home.
i'll alert you to the existence of the podcast when it's up so you can go laugh at my garbled lameness...

on the way in the plan was to draw animals, but chimneys took over, somehow.
and on the way back i sat on a seat next to some disgusting and discarded 'chixy chicken' wrappers. i also sat on my phone and rang lloydy by mistake. so time for drawing was a bit limited.
on the bus if you sit towards the rear you get to see the back of a lot of folks' heads. hence the three lads at the bottom there.

this week i watched a dvd called 'beautiful losers' which i'd recommend if you're into skateboarding or outsider art or engagingly eccentric americans or documentaries and stuff. there was some utterly lovely hand-painted typography on display [a lot of it by margaret kilgallen; her stuff was just brilliant] - very inspiring, and something that i'd like to filter into these prints i think... [this one above is maybe a starting point for that...]

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