Wednesday, May 5, 2010

noble failure

i'm out of sync again - this is bus trip no.36.

it's a frustrating one.
i had really high hopes for it too.
there are four colours - beige*, light blue, indigo and black.
but the indigo's dried very dark, darker than i'd envisaged.
so you can't really see sue's reflection over the bloke's right shoulder there.
which leaves the composition a bit unbalanced.

also i used my new press for the first time to make this print, and somehow the registration's gone a bit awry.
that wouldn't necessarily be such a huge problem [and now that i'm getting used to using the press i think i've cracked it] but when the two colours are so close in tone it can make the text illegible on some of them... :-(

and then i got impatient and the indigo ink [the penultimate layer] wasn't entirely dry when i did the black lines...

so very few of these prints have actually come out ok. only nine of the 13 are even remotely acceptable.
lots of lessons learned though...
and the highlight on the side of the bloke's head is very, very pleasing :-)

*hi, jim.

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