Tuesday, June 1, 2010

jim and beth's 40th bash down in that london...

so back about a month ago sue and i escaped down south to celebrate jim and beth's 40th birthday's with some good mates.
i made these lino prints to commemorate the weekend, but as they formed part of jim's present i couldn't really post them till his big day had passed...

as ever, some successes, some admirable failures here, but i'm learning all the time.

the train to london one was really lovely right up till the last layer of line and text went on, and it sort of killed it [that's not sue in that one, it's the daughter of the overly-loud daily mail reader from donny who sat opposite us most of the way down]


Anonymous said...

si! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! Got your prints and they are beautiful!

Yours is being mailed on Monday!

si said...

hi eunjoo!
glad that they arrived safely!
i am now very excited about receiving your prints!

just wondered if you've ever sen this guy's work - http://jonmcnaught.blogspot.com/

it's beautiful, and i think you'd like it...

cheers for now!