Friday, July 30, 2010

Greenbelt Photoflash Swap - shameless plugging...

from the festival website - "This year at Greenbelt we’re again inviting festival goers to bring along a print of a photograph that they have taken for an open exhibition in the Hub.

Then at the end of the festival we’ll host a special photo flash swap event, when everyone who has work on display there can exchange it for one of the other prints in the show.

How it works:

The flash swap is open to all ages and abilities.
It’s one print per person, so choose an image that you’re really pleased with.
Mounted prints would be great, as that’ll make them easier to display, but unmounted work is acceptable. No framed pieces though, please :-)
All photos must be printed on photographic paper.

Prints for the show must be delivered to the Hub between 4 and 6pm on the Friday, where a team of volunteers will assemble the exhibition.
Everyone who leaves a print will register and be assigned a number [we’ll keep a list]
You'll also need to provide some details about yourself and your image. Click to download the form so you can do this in advance, or pick on up on the day.

At 5.30pm on the Monday we’ll host the flash swap – there’ll be refreshments and a short and pithy address… At the swap, everyone registered will be given a sticker with their number on it, and at the given signal you’ll be invited to go put your sticker on the print that you would most like to take away with you.

Then once the dust has settled and the swapping's all done, everyone gets to take their chosen photo away with them..."

this is something that i'm involved in organising. we ran it last year, and it was utterly brilliant - definitely one of my all-time festival highlights. so if you're coming to the festival this year, i'd really recommend that you bring a snap and get involved... it'd be great to have you on board :-)

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