Sunday, September 5, 2010

lack of posts...

...there's not been much on here for a while - that's down to a caravan holiday in cardigan bay [cardigan bay good, caravans bad] greenbelt [more about that later, if i can wangle the time and assemble my thoughts into any kind of order] and a ridiculous workload which has seen me working 16 hour days, seven days a week since the middle of july.

it's not good for the soul, but it will appease the bank manager [who was getting a bit snotty with me for a while]

it's also not good for the bus prints project as i'm not getting out and about much [just the two journeys during august] and have found myself with a backlog of 30-odd prints to cut and make [i just don't have the time spare at the mo to get on with them - paying jobs take priority]

in lieu of anything more exciting, here's some photos from cardigan bay.

normal service will be resumed at the end of the month, when the deadlines are met and i can get back to worrying about not having enough paid work on the books again... :-)

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