Wednesday, January 12, 2011

three more bus trips...

so, i'm getting near the end of the bus lino print project thing.

the bus-travelling part of it ended on december 21st when i made my final journey of 2010, back from chapel A having bought sue her christmas present. that's trip no.71 - see above.

trip 68 was a journey into town with eddie for the sunday service - not, you may be sad to learn, a religious gathering, but the rather brilliant acoustic night put on by mr barnaby aldrick at the call lane social bar in leeds city centre. it was snowy, and cold, and the bus windows were all smeared with condensation and road-filth, so it was hard to draw anything in much detail...

trip 69 was the journey back. it was so cold that even on the bus you could see your own breath and despite appearances, we were both pretty cheerful, if a bit knackered. i may revisit this print and re-do it, with a few little alterations. i'm thinking that i might add some text and maybe tweak my glasses a bit.

the bus stop in no.71 isn't the one that i caught the bus from - it's the one across the road [just down from the library in chapel allerton, sort of opposite the seven arts bar if you're interested...]
i've never really enjoyed drawing trees much - trees, foliage or general landscape.
but i like the way that this one has turned out...

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