Monday, September 19, 2011

thank you, david dark :-)

so the talk at st edmunds went ok last night. i don't think that i said anything too dumb, so that counts as a big result in my book :-)

in prep for the service though, i skimmed back through the opening chapter of david dark's 'everyday apocalypse' [i thought that a question of Christian Art vs. art made by christians might have come up, and dark has some good things to say about that.]

anyway, just re-reading the bits in the book that i'd underlined was kind-of-thrilling - i'd forgotten just what a great book it is, and how important it had been to me the first time i'd read it...

here's a selection -

"We were made for something better than we're getting and whatever it is we're settling for..."

"The present work concerns itself with all manner of media that highlights, exposes or lampoons the moral bankruptcy of our imaginations while teasing us toward a better way of looking at, and dwelling within, the world..."

"i'm grateful for and in dire need of whatever art can keep me awake and alive to the mystery, whatever keeps me paying attention, whatever reminds me that none of us (and no ideology) are possessors of the final say..."

"to reimagine the now is our work and our pleasure. look hard. it is at hand..."

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