Thursday, December 29, 2011

my favourite five tunes of 2011

[of course, by tomorrow i'll have completely changed my mind and chosen a different five...]


bigdaddystevieB said...

SI: I’ve really enjoyed listening to your songs (as you know, you’re my music guru ie. I’m so lazy that I depend on you for musical inspiration).
My favourites of your favourites: Luke+Jos’s version of “Blindsided” (just beautiful and EVEN better than Bon Iver)(she’s mesmerising!), “The Copper Top” (will definitely be following up Wells+Moffat) , “Dear Friends” and “You Spin Me Round” (great video).
As far as my own 2011 music is concerned, I’m ashamed to have to admit that I seem to have survived on “old music” (in the main)… I seem to play these an AWFUL lot:
• Chris Wood: “Hollow Point”
• Tom Waits: “Martha”
• Jane Siberry: “The Valley”
• Ani DiFranco: “We had Time”
• Daisy Chapman (local Bristol singer): “Umbrella”
• Joni Mitchell: “River” (realise just how much I LOVE this song)
PS: I also really enjoyed re-discovering The Waitresses: “Christmas Wrapping” in time for this Christmas!

si smith said...

Quick word of warning - the wells and moffat album is quite nihilistic and definitely not safe for work...!