Monday, January 9, 2012

new project thing

A couple of years ago i set myself the artistic task of documenting a year's worth of bus trips with lino prints.

it was a good thing to have undertaken, but i decided not to burden myself with anything similar in 2011... :-)

however, this year i'm itching for a bit of a challenge again, and so here's 2012's slightly obsessive project - drawing and producing a print of one local house each week.

because of a dodgy knee/general portliness issues, i'm supposed to be walking for 30mins a day, so the idea is to get out and about and try to engage with the local area a bit more and to make that part of the exercise.
also back in my college days a wise old tutor got me to drawing buildings and bits of architecture, and i'd like to get back to that.
there are some interesting houses fairly close to us here, so i'm looking forward to getting out and looking for them.

the idea is to do them in number order, so the first week's print will feature a building with the house number one, right through to a number fifty-two in the final week of the year.

each print will have some text on it too.
i bought an ipod in the autumn, and i'll be listening to that as i draw. i'll incorporate some lyrics that stand out in the finished image. it'll be interesting to see how the image and the text work alongside each other - whether the words suggest some sort of narrative [or maybe they won't...]

i'll blog each print on here with a tracklisting and some thoughts on how it's all going...

so here's number one. it's what you see as you walk up our road, and there's a bench on the corner so i sat there to draw it.
the quote is from 'to earth with love' by gay dad, and making the drawings reminded me just how out of practice i am when it comes to observational drawing - i was having to concentrate so hard that i wasn't really listening to the ipod.
i used photos on the phone to help me back in the studio, but i'm hoping that as the project goes on i'll use the camera less and rely on my drawings more.

'beach party' by jonny
'will you?' by hazel o'connor
'emily kane' by art brut
'silent sigh' by badly drawn boy
'we never talked' by nina nastasia
'bros' by panda bear
'she just coukldn't stay' by trembling blue stars
'the final arrears' by mull historical society
'to earth with love' by gay dad


blue hands said...

great project

bigdaddystevieB said...

Really lovely ideas here (and love the first print)... strangely, I've just re-equipped myself (ie. I bought some pens!) to start some architectural drawings of various parts of Bristol. One key difference between us is the fact that you actually "do" your stuff, I just think about doing stuff!

si smith said...

Now i'm blogging them all here

si smith said...
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Gavin Mart said...

shame you can't do our house no.54 then... :(

btw if you click on dashboard in blogger and then pages option inside your control panel, you can add neat tab links to all your others blogs for our ease of navigation, see how I've done it on mine...

speak soon...


David W said...

Look forward to seeing you outside No 45 in November. We'll make you some hot soup, and it might just solve our christmas present problems.

si smith said...

@blue hands - thanks!
@stevieb - looking forward to seeing your drawings. and you're very busy with the grandkids and the market stall and stuff - don't know how you have the time to draw!
@gavski - i'm such a tech-aphobe. couldn't see that option anywhere on my control panel :-( ta for the hint though ;-)
@davidw - heh heh! the front hedge there will be a bit threadbare too, so there'll be more house for me to see! and anything but oxtail or chicken will be lovely, ta!