Tuesday, April 3, 2012


so it's been a busy few days... :-)

first up was the engedi private view in colwyn bay last friday.
engedi is a new thing, dreamed and grafted into existence by good mate gav mart and a team of inspirational people that he's gathered on the north wales coast.

they've rescued the ground floor of a disused hotel and transformed it into an really quite lovely arts space - it's well worth visiting their blog to see where the venue was when they took it on and just what they've achieved there. it's really remarkable.

for their first event, gav and co have curated an easter exhibition, with 40 artists taking a little bit of the easter story and using it as the inspiration for a piece of art. there are paintings and sculptures; drawings, photos, installations and projections - it's great, and i'm really proud to have been asked to take part.
if you're in the area you should definitely take a look at the list of events that they've got going on around the show, and make the effort to get to one or more of them - you won't regret it!

our visit to wales was a bit of a flier - because on sunday we had to be back for the kid's football and then the private view of another show in the evening.
a couple of years back i was commissioned by rory keegan at cpas to create 19 images relating to the stations of the resurrection - a series of significant events in the christian story, beginning on easter morning with an earthquake and mary magdalene's visit to the tomb, and ending with paul's conversion on the road to damascus.
rory was brave enough to let me re-set the story in modern-day leeds and it was a brilliant commission for me. the images are now on display in a little exhibition in leftbank leeds [on the cardigan road, opposite the builder's merchant] and the volunteers there have done a great job in setting the whole thing up. it's open 4-8pm until the weekend, but if you're too far away to visit it in person, there is a 44-page catalogue that leftbank have had printed, which you can buy for £9.40 [p&p inc] by emailing amazingspace@leftbankleeds.org.uk

alternatively, you can buy the catalogue as a downloadable pdf from the lovely chaps at proost.
when cpas commissioned the work, they also got ian adams on board to write some stuff to accompany the images - prayers, meditations and little rituals to enhance the viewer's interaction with the work. they are really great, and proost are also making those available, along with some higher-resolution versions of the images so that folk can set up the stations for themselves as a more reflective/worshipful thing...

here's a taster image to whet your appetite...

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