Tuesday, July 8, 2014

messing about, drawing in photoshop

I've been messing about drawing in photoshop.

Here's the original pencil drawing alongside the more finished Photoshop piece [drawn over the top of a scan of the original sketch, direct into the computer using my graphics tablet]

Photoshop allows you to zoom in and get very detailed - i'm not sure if that helps or hinders the drawing process really, you lose some of the rough edges and the more expressive marks, and the whole thing can start to look a bit smooth.

it's all good practice though :-)


jonbirch said...

presumably using a wacom bamboo or somesuch? it works a treat with your style. got m'self a wacom inkling to sketch with... works well... loads of fun.

si smith said...

yup, a wacom bamboo. it's my third or fourth tablet now - they get a lot of use and the surfaces go a bit in the end :-)

they are really nice to use though aren't they?

toyed with the idea of a cintiq screen thingy [when the price comes down enough] but i dunno if that would make things too easy. i think it's good to have to wrestle with the tools and media a bit :-)

James said...

I use a wacom bamboo too which I find pretty responsive and friendly to use. But I agree that drawing direct into photoshop takes some of the 'accidental' out of the work. Depends on the nature of the illustration though. I often use paths for drawing keylines.

Nice result though Si !

si smith said...

ta james :-)