Wednesday, May 23, 2007

bad day at the office...

a while back we talked about writing a prayer to frame our working days.
it was a neat thing to do - i still use mine every day.
it contains the line " my graft, and in the crafting of things, may i find You..." but if i'm honest, i very rarely feel like i'm toiling. i get a bit snowed under sometimes, and there's the pressure of deadlines. but i look at dan and jack working on our extension and i know that what i do for for a living, well, 'graft' is maybe not the best word for it...

but today has been a right old slog. like wading through sludge.
nothing's worked right.
everything's gone wrong.
and some days it's like that.
thankfully it's rare, but on days like today i can't see what i'm trying to draw, and even when i can,my hand won't make the shapes that my brain is telling it to, and even when it does, the composition just doesn't work anyway.
everything feels dislocated and disconnected.

still, tomorrow is another day. and there are those days when everything turns sublime, and it all just flows, effortlessly.
so here's hoping for tomorrow.

meantime, here's some stuff that's passed across my desk lately...

[this - above - is for an advent thing that i'm working on with the good folk from the blackburn diocese...]

[and this - above - is for an educational computer software thing]

[and finally, this is a t-shirt design - you can buy it from the t-shirt shop @ though why it's this colour i have no idea! one of my teething troubles with blogger - bear with me while i get to grips with it...]

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bigdaddystevieB said...

good to see you've followed through your blog threat! I shall be logging on very regularly...