Tuesday, May 22, 2007

begin again

aye up!

welcome to my new blog.

i've finally bitten the bullet and made the switch to blogger. it'll be easier to post stuff here - i won't have to open up simpletext files in classic and mess about with code anymore, and i won't be tied to the desktop as a result. i'm hoping that posting will be a little more regular as a result [but don't hold your breath]

i was going to call this blog 'workinprogress' (that seemed appropriate as i'll be posting up the stuff that i'm working on, and also because with the monastic stuff* that we're trying to implement i'm learning that i'm not the finished article by any stretch of the imagination...) but someone else has already nabbed that title...!

so i've gone instead for standingstillinamovingplace - it's cribbed from a line in an old blue nile b-side (nicely obscure, eh?) which i've always loved.
because back in the day i remember feeling just like that; that i was stood still while everyone else was on the move to somewhere exciting.
and now some stillness in the midst of life is something that i'm yearning to achieve...

*see http://www.monksinleeds.blogspot.com/

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