Monday, July 30, 2007


i won a badge!
(ok, so i was beaten into third place by a couple of folks whose talents are entirely lavatorial - go see ian b's blog for more details, the link's on the right there - but hey, bronze is still a podium finish...!)

meantime, eddie and joe both won medals at the end of their school-holiday football course, as their team for the week, bradford (?!), triumphed in the final tournament. eddie was doubly triumphant as he collected the player of the week trophy in his age group...

i'd love to be able to post photos of the presentations of these prestigious awards, but sadly neither sue or i remembered to take a camera along (iif i'm honest, the boys' successes took us a bit by surprise!)

anyway, and more importantly, look at my badge!

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ianbee said...

there was a lot of research to find out how tall a 'life size' dalek is. in the end i took several sources and averaged them ...