Thursday, July 19, 2007

coming up for air...

in my last posting here i sort of hinted that an interesting post might be forthcoming at some point in the future... well sadly, this isn't it - sorry to disappoint you. i've been working stupidly hard - several 1am finishes and a couple of mammoth eighteen hour days that saw me up and drawing till 3am have left room for little else.

in fact everything that isn't work has unravelled a bit over the past few weeks.

since january i've been on a diet - actually, it's not so much a diet as a decision to eat a sensible, normal amount instead of the unecessarily large quantities i was stuffing down before. i lost over a stone and a half, but i'm aware that these past few weeks i've let that slip - puddings and snacking have crept back into my daily routine.

the monastic things that we've been dabbling with have also taken a back seat - i've been less intentional about my times of solitude, given less time and thought to silence [suddenly i'm playing music and/or the radio all day again instead of making time and space to the quietness]

today though, i finished a couple of jobs that have been ongoing for a while, and now i have a few hours this afternoon to pause and breathe, to stop 'doing' and just enjoy 'being'.

so i just ate lunch away from the computer and out in the garden/building site; it's the first time in ages i've done that and it felt good. feels like i'm coming up for air before plunging back under again [monday is deadline day on another three - thankfully quite small - jobs]

meantime the new trembling blue stars album ['the last holy writer'] and in particular a song called 'november starlings' is nursing me through... "the world is beautiful and it's waiting... hope returns and keeps returning..." amen to that.

on the desk lately...

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