Thursday, December 20, 2007


it's the time of the year when you get those 'round robin' family news letters through the post, usually found inside a christmas card from someone that you've not been in touch with since you exchanged cards last christmas...

in the past sue and i have been a bit sniffy about such missives, but this year we've had a couple of rather lovely and inspiring family news letters, so having now revised our opinions on the matter, here comes my look back at some of the stuff from our year...

eddie's football career is up and running - he plays in goal for the yorkshire amateurs u11 colts (effectively the 'B' team) and loves it. and as a result i have morphed into the sort of ranting-lunatic-touchline-parent that i used to view with such dismay and pity back when i was running schools' football teams (my new year's resolution will be to shut up whilst spectating - please hold me to it...) ed's on a run of three consecutive clean sheets at the mo (two nil-nils and a 2-0 victory) - a source of great pride...

eddie's also laying down some rock'n'roll foundations with guitar and keyboard lessons at school. today he played 'smoke on the water' solo in his assembly, and wore badly-applied eyeliner uncle-fester-style for the occasion. in the words of the lancashire hotpots, 'oh no, he's turned emo...'

meanwhile joe is the (possibly-self-appointed) captain of the school Y2 football team and shows all the signs of developing into a rangy midfield dynamo. he spends his free time running about kicking imaginary footballs and commentating (loudly) on the action. our tv watching is regularly interrupted by the sound of hammering feet and a triumphant shout of "KISNORBO!" from the hallway. both lads are sadly afflicted with the family allegiance to leicester city football club (who we've travelled to watch a couple of times - most notably back in april in barnsley, on the day when our 1-0 victory was enough to keep us up and leeds got relegated. heh heh...)

sue's work is going well, despite some local reorganisations which are due to change the structure of her department and, somewhere down the line, probably her job too. in the meantime she's looking at the possibility of training as an educational psychologist, and has cleared the first hurdle - with plenty more to come... watch this space.

greenbelt continues to be a highlight of the family year, and we're getting more involved as contributors each time. this year we took three life-size jesuses with us - not sure how well they worked actually, but the other things that we did - three large interactive-y maps of the site - worked a treat (especially this one)
highlights of the festival were the communal big-screen viewings of 'shaun the sheep' and the fantastic music bill (well done harv!) - billy bragg, kanda bongo man, duke special, soweto kinch, sara masen, kathryn williams...
we'll be back again next year, and i'm hoping to get more into the visual arts side of the festival, and maybe do something with 'proost' there too...

talking of whom, this year i've really enjoyed hooking up with jonny and jon @ to sell some of the stuff that i've created for various alt worship and church-type purposes. including the advent stuff that i created with the blackburn diocese - another work-highlight of my year... that's the kind of work that i'd love to be doing more of in the new year - more art-y and less illustration-y, if that makes sense.

my new year's resolution (apart from the football-supporting-behaviour-improvement one) will be to do more culturally invigorating stuff - more cinema, more galleries, more theatre visits, more reading (and not just comics), more gigs...

we didn't get to the movies much this year, but i thought that 'this is england' was a really great film, with a top soundtrack. and i'm not even watching much tv these days, though 'heroes', 'lead balloon', 'the mighty boosh' and 'dr who' were all essential viewing... (happily, we managed to completely avoid watching 'x-factor' and anything with ballroom dancing or celebrities eating maggots in it...)

book-wise i really enjoyed two graphic novels by gipi this year - 'garage band' and 'notes for a war story' - well worth a look next time you're in ok comics*
and the charlie higson 'young bond' books have also been a big hit, with me and eddie enjoying them equally as the bedtime read...
sue meanwhile highly recommends 'so many ways to begin' by jon macgregor

finally, my top ten songs from the past year (in no particular order)...

'your english is good' by tokyo police club (you gotta love that squonky keyboard riff)
'either way' by the twang
'505' by the arctic monkeys
'november starlings' by trembling blue stars
'weird fishes/arpeggi' by radiohead
'how long' by calamateur vs steve lawson
'tonight the streets are ours' by richard hawley
'my favourite book' by stars
'sunday' by bloc party
'brother' by annuals

so then, happy christmas!
see you in the new year...


(*other comic stores are, apparently, available...)

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Steve Lawson said...

this time next year, I guarantee you'll be writing about having discovered Flight Of The Conchords in 2008, and how it's the best thing ever to happen on TV.

Glad to have made your year end list... hurrah!

have a fab Christmas,

much lov