Friday, January 4, 2008

the deep

a couple of years back on the weekend before christmas we went to the deep in hull with simon and anna and the kids. this year we did the same - both times it's been remarkably quiet in there and we've almost had the place to ourselves.

it's an amazing and rather wonderful place. they have a couple of huge grey reef sharks and at there's something quite incredible and primal and humbling about being able to stand up close in the viewing areas and look right into their eyes as they drift past.

this year me and eddie were totally awestruck by their giant pacific octopus - possibly the single most amazing creature that we've ever seen close-up. standing there watching it curling and unfurling around it's tank was quite a spiritual experience (i felt something similar stood in front of damian hurst's pickled shark at the old saatchi gallery) - it's like blake's 'the tyger' - "What immortal hand or eye/Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"...

meanwhile work of late has been loads and loads of roughs, and not much finished artwork - that'll all kick in next month. these have all been on the desk just over christmas and new year...

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