Thursday, June 5, 2008

been away

over the half term holiday we went off to northumbria for a bit of a break, staying in a little port town called amble.
we had a great time - highlights included fighting vikings on lindisfarne, being stalked by mark 'full monty' addy, seeing a seal, playing a lot of scrabble with the kids, alnwick gardens, joe learning to ride a bike, the baltic gallery and seven storeys in newcastle, bamburgh castle, and beaches.lovely, lovely beaches. it was our first visit to that part of the world and it won't be our last...
there are photos on our flickr site [there's a newly-added link on the right there...]

meantime, here's the first finished page from this story that i'm illustrating for the second 'parable' anthology...

[and some exciting building-work news - my new office is now plastered and floored!
still a load of stuff to do before it's all finished, especially on the outside, but i'm looking at being in and working in there in the next few weks. hurrah!]

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