Friday, November 13, 2009


bodge hollows died suddenly yesterday afternoon. we're still in a state of disbelief. he was only five years older than me. 48 is no age to go.
not sure what else to write except that we were tremendously fortunate to have known him. i don't have the words to express this.

[pic is of something joe made in blu-tac on his bed headboard last night]


blue hands said...

Si, yes I echo the disbelief and shock. So, so sad. A delightful individual and special teacher. Many young lives enriched by his work.

M xx

bigdaddystevieB said...

I feel absolutely numb.
My mate Pete and I always seem to be having converstaions about mates who've just died or been diagnosed with some horrible illness - but they're all OUR
sort of age, not like Graham.
How absolutely dreadful... and just awful for his wife and children.

Lots of lovely memories of John Hampden.
Vivid memories of watching TV at his house with all the lads - seeing
England beat Holland 4-1 in Euro 96 (and a few other games, but that was THE
Very many thanks Si for letting us know.

So sad.
A lovely, funny, special, gentle man.