Thursday, March 18, 2010

stations of the resurrection...

so for over a year now i've been working, on and off, on a series of nineteen images illustrating the stations of the resurrection - events and happenings from the biblical narrative beginning at easter sunday and ending with paul's conversion on the road to damascus [i've blogged about it previously here and here, but that was a while back...]

i've been collaborating with rory keegan and ian adams on the pics, and that's been good - ian's written some reflective material to accompany each illustration and those are great, and overall i'm really pleased with the way the project's worked out...

the first twelve in the sequence were released by cpas [to subscribers to their 'church leadership' publications] and have been picked up by a couple of churches locally - in farsley and tadcaster - where they're going to be used this easter. i'll post more info about that when it's available, but it's kind of cool :-)

there'll also be a podcast [also mentioned previously] out next month with me rambling incoherently in it which i'll direct you towards when it's up online.

with this project, i've relocated the story to present-day leeds, for reasons which seem obvious to me, but have proved very difficult to articulate in any sensible way [as you'll discover if and when you hear the podcast...!]
this one is the final one - saul's conversion under the flyover by the WYP [down by the bus station there]

this image


Khera Kamile Missen said...

Hey Si,

Will these be made available anywhere else after the CPAS stuff, or were they specifically commissioned for that? They are really moving and would be great to use in the classroom.

Thanks for sharing


si smith said...

hi khera,

they may be made available elsewhere - it's under discussion i think...
but it won't be for a while...

of course, in the meantime you can always persuade your local church leader to subscribe to CL and get them for you ;-) [advert over!]