Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wilderness show...

Wilderness: An exhibition of Contemporary Art from Alex Walker on Vimeo.

my '40' piece is part of this exhibition.

if you're in the sheffield area, it's well worth a visit :-)

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si smith said...

just to add...

there are a few things in the show that are worth a special mention.
ric stott made forty little clay figures and left them out and about around sheffield. what's left of them are on display in the show and they are wonderful. a couple have survived almost intact, several are lost and absent, some have fallen apart, broken, cracked or half dissolved into the leaves and twigs where they sat. it's really quite moving.
in direct conrast to these reduced and worn figures is jay gadhia's installation of forty suspended jars, each one containing seeds that will gradually sprout and grow during the course of the show's run.

again, it's really well worth a visit if you're in the sheffield area :-)