Monday, April 18, 2011

paid forward...

a while back i came across a rather neat little facebook meme thing - 'pay it forward' - where you offer to send handmade items to the first five folks to comment on a post, in return for them offering the same deal on their FB wall... [i posted about it here...]

so, greenbelt al got some watercolour vikings that i painted a while back and had just rediscovered hidden under the bed, and james c got a print of himself wrestling with a tent.

during the school holidays, i had a little window to get another item done and delivered, and here he is - a simple little wild thing automaton [based on a character from the sendak classic]
you wind the handle and his arms wave in a vaguely threatening manner.

he's now found a home with sara, dan and victor spiderhands where i'm sure he'll be very happy :-)

that leaves just two more handmade 'things' to get sorted, but i've got till the end of the year...

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Sara said...

and we love him very much. cheers si x