Monday, April 25, 2011

M1 journey linoprint paid forward thing

so here's the Fb pay-it-forward thingy [see previous posts] that gav and pips just got from me...

last year we took eddie to a christians in sport camp down at repton school [which is a pretty amazing, hogwartsian kind of a place] and i was a bit nervous for him, in all honesty.
to distract myself, i started drawing the drivers of cars that we overtook on the way down. and then, on the way back, passengers in the front seats of cars that overtook us [sue was driving]

those drawings have since been worked-up into the little 50x70mm prints that you can see here.

at some point i'll try to get them into shops or via my etsy store or something, but in the meantime i've decided that i'll see if i can sell a few via this blog...

if you're interested, email me - prices are £45 for a set [state whether you want drivers or passengers] or £75 for the pair.
the sets are a limited edition of ten and come packaged up like the ones on the right there [ie not mounted]

important disclaimer - because they're hand-printed, i can't guarantee that every print'll be absolutely identical to the ones pictured here, but then that's part of joy of the thing :-)

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