Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meanwhile, in Barnsley...

over the past few years i've found myself in Barnsley quite a bit, and with a lot of free time on my hands when i'm there.

recently i decided that i ought to make better use of that time, and so i started making little drawings of the things and the people that i've seen going on there.

that has developed into a series of lino print cards, that celebrate the everyday happenings of the town.

it's kind of tongue in cheek, and a contrast to the People of Leeds prints. I'm gathering them together under the title of Meanwhile, in Barnsley - think of them as my affectionate tribute to the place :-)

these are the first three cards in the series - Man Waits For Bus, Guitarist Looks At Clock, and a wraparound image of a man failing to control a dog called charlie.

upcoming additions to the series will hopefully include Girl Brushes Hair, Man Texts Somebody, and Two Ugly Dogs Go Beserk.

meanwhile the three cards pictured here are available for purchase right now in my Folksy store :-)

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