Saturday, January 26, 2008

ian says it better... and a quick web round-up...

re that last post of mine - abbot ian is (as ever) insightful (and much more concise than me) on the same subject...

meanwhile bigdaddystevieb is basking in the limelight of our newly-found fame...

and i have a new(-ish) book out. (i think that it'll be the last incarnation of '40' now... but chris goan's meditations are great and they fit the images really well...)
here's a sample spread...

(sorry that the text is so small! it reads...)

In a room scented by the smell of sawn timber,
a man hears a voice in his inner ear calling him.

It is time.
Your time, and mine.

Enough of the mending and making and shaping of wood.

Time to put aside the tools.
The sharp nails...
can wait.

lastly this made me laugh out loud.

(and really lastly, on the desk recently...)

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