Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"so this is the new year..."

a very happy and somewhat belated new year to you all.

i'm not really one for making resolutions, but the changing of the year is a good point to take stock and set some goals and re-assess where you're headed.

taking a leaf out of ian b's book [see the link on the right there] one of my goals for this year is both metaphorical and literal [ian's was 'climb more mountains'] - in 2008 i want to lift my head and look up more. i realised this morning that i'll step in poop more often, but it's worth the risk.

some work-things that i'm hopeful of in the coming year are another collaboration with the diocese of blackburn lot, the grand opening of my new studio/office/extension [don't hold your breath that one...], richard and suzi's greetings cards and the possibility of an online cross-cultural community emerging church arts project website thing.

sue hits 40 this year too, so that's an important and eagerly anticipated landmark, and eddie goes up to big school in september... not too sure how eagerly he's anticipating that, but it's definitely a family milestone...

on the desk lately...

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