Thursday, December 23, 2010

upside down christmas...

i have a confession to make - i'm not feeling very christmassy this year.

some years it's like that i guess - work piles up, there's too much stuff to do and even though advent is a time for waiting, and for preparation, somehow there's just no time or space to focus on what it's actually all about.

so today i've got all my festive music on itunes shuffle and will be trying hard to get into a more yuletide-like mood.

one of the tracks that will probably come up is this mp3 which i wrote when we lived down south and which leesun and justin then recorded for us a few years back [for a revive advent event up here i think...]

it chimes in with something that simon hall and i have spoken about a few times recently - written right through the whole jesus-story is the idea that wherever he went and whoever he met, christ turned everything on it's head.
i like that idea a lot.

and so i'm left wondering if maybe i need my life turned a little bit upside-down a bit this christmas :-)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Si!

I hope you get a dewy eyed moment some time around midnight...