Wednesday, December 29, 2010

more bus trippiness...

the first one from august 24th was a bit tricky as my drawing at the time was a bit uninspired and i was in a flat-out rush to buy camping supplies in readiness for greenbelt - feeling very unprepared and a bit all-over the place and not really in the best place mentally with the whole project. turned out ok though i think. i like the way that the check pattern repeats across the two figures' clothes.

the second is from a trip into town with jonah to get the train to barnsley. i was a bit migraine-addled, which was why i wasn't driving. joe drew the pics for me as i couldn't focus on the page too well, and this is basically an enlarged version of the sketch he made of a kid on a bike outside the shops opposite eddie's school.
he can really draw, can joe :-)

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