Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bus trips 57 & 61

i'm still way behind schedule with these bus prints.
there are currently twelve of them waiting to be done!

but, as i only ever planned to do this for a year, the end is in sight... :-)

here's the latest two - smaller than before as my stocks of lino are running a bit low...
this is another view of an almost empty bus. when i've done these before i've used more colours, this is an attempt to see how it might work with line and a single colour...

this is a girl i spotted outside thomas danby college on my way into town. it's a good place for people watching, even from a passing bus, as the students hang around outside a lot and you get to see a lot of tribes all gathered together in one place. when i was [a lot] younger, a shop near my saturday job in leicester had a pair of boxer's boots in the window and i really loved the look of them, whilst knowing that i'd never have the courage to buy and wear them in public. they probably didn't do them in size 12 anyway :-)

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