Sunday, January 31, 2010

avatar refusenik

so yesterday sue took the boys to see 'avatar', and whilst joe really enjoyed it, sue and eddie came back less impressed.

i didn't go - despite nearly everyone i know telling me that i have to go see the thing, i'm just not interested in seeing it - for a variety of curmudgeonly reasons...

1. it's a james cameron movie, and he made titanic [possibly the worst movie that i've ever seen]
2. it's in 3D, and i resent the way that they screw extra cash out of you on the back of that.
3. the story is crap. even the folk who've raved about it have said that the plot is predictable and a bit rubbish. and that the dialogue is really clunky.
4. it's too long - 2 hours and forty minutes for a story that could be told efficiently in 90 mins max.
5. the minute everyone starts raving about something, i instinctively set my face against it. and yes, sometimes that's stupid and means that i have to eat my words or that i come to things really late [eg 'spaced', 'father ted', van morrison, bruce springsteen...]
on the other hand, when the hype dies down, i sometimes get to feel quite smug and justified... :-)

meantime, i recently got a copy of file magazine. it's a twice-a-year publication and i love it - you get a big-format magazine [printed on lovely newsprint] and a dvd with three hours of music videos, short movies, documentaries and lovely visual things on it - all kind of art and design-related. this latest issue has a documentary about polish poster designer on it, and it's really interesting [no, really!] - one of the things that the interviewees say is that under the restrictions and censorship of the soviet era, the poster artists produced their best work - it's the idea that work done within tight boundaries and under constraints requires greater creativity and is more ingenious and heartfelt as a result...

also amongst all the other stuff on the dvd are a couple of brilliant little low/no budget short movies - 'jade' and 'after tomorrow' - which i absolutely loved... fantastic, taut storytelling - gripping and really engaging, the sort of films that stay with you for a while afterwards and get you thinking and re-thinking stuff.

all in stark contrast to the bloated, cash-drenched blockbuster excesses of stuff like 'avatar'...
i know which i prefer...:-)


ianbee said...

Have you tried "It's nice that"
A lovely read. especially the article on rulers.

si smith said...

aye up!
funnily enough i've bought stuff from them before - a set of 'if you could...' prints for ed and liz [bargain!], and 'if drawings were photographs' for eddie - and sent folk to their london show [lloydy's verdict - it was ok] but never got the book.

maybe i ought to order it and find out about more about rulers [i've got two lovely perspex 500mm ones with flexible metal strips for cutting against and parallel lines inscribed for doing graphics and stuff. bought the first one in '89 and the second one a few years back when the numbers were starting to rub off, making measuring a bit of a lottery...]