Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bus trip 2

text is better, and the layout too.
need to work on the printing - maybe getting a bigger roller would help...

definitely an improvement though :-)

this was a very quick journey - just back from chapel allerton. normally i'd have walked it, but the icy conditions were a bit too treacherous, so i took the easy option. the ipod woman was sat in the mother-and-child seats with her kid in a pushchair. the woman in the white hooded thing was someone i glimpsed from the window - the sketchbook drawing of her is quite pleasing with some nicely drawn lines, but it doesn't really translate well here into simple shapes.

and i fell over whilst trying to draw the bus stop.


Derek said...

As a semi frequent visitor to this site (I found it a while ago either through Proost or Greenbelt and bought the '40' video, which I return to often) I just wanted to write and say thank you for the site and that I think the bus trip project is wonderful. People going about their lives always moves me and there is something about the way you bring things together in these prints that I love. I have been trying to learn to draw for a year or so I find the stories you tell in every frame awe-inspiring.

Thanks so much for sharing...
God bless, Derek

si smith said...

hi derek,

thanks for your kind comments!

are you doing any formal drawing lessons? i used to go life drawing once a week - the artistic equivalent of a trip to the gym - but then work got a bit hectic and i couldn't find the time :-(
i guess that bus trip thing is a way of making myself learn new stuff and think/draw in a different kind of way...

are you blogging your drawings anywhere?


Derek said...

I have been posting drawings and a few other things that catch my attention on a blog here:
I have not yet taken any steps towards formal classes (I am sure this shows in the wild variability between drawings). I do like the idea of projects as a way of stretching a bit.
Thanks again,

Derek said...

And I should have said, any advice you have would be much appreciated...