Wednesday, January 6, 2010

on the desk...

some test prints for a possible project/thing i've been thinking about.
these are all lino prints of folk i've seen either on or from the bus in leeds.

they're pretty small - about 4 by 7cm - and they're cluttering up the office a bit so if you want one, email me your address and i'll bung a randomly-selected one back in the post...

[the numbers refer to the bus route i was travelling]

also on the desk [and all over the floor, bookshelves and other available worksurfaces] this week has been this model crayfish. shhh don't tell anyone but it's a very belated 'thank you for letting us have our holiday in your house' present to claire's mum and dad [we stayed there in may, that's how belated it is...] - wind the handle and he waggles his claws and his tail in an animated fashion. [he was going to have long wire antennae too, but health and safety fears took over when i nearly poked my own eye out cutting the wire...]

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