Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bendy bus trip...

i'm out of sequence with these again...

last nite i was out and about - four bus trips in total [into town, then out to armley, then back again]

travelled on the no4 purple bendy bus for the first time [unless you count a two-min hop-on-hop-off a stop later journey a year or two back]

clearly, the bendy buses were designed by sci-fi fans. right down to the futuristic fonts they've chosen for the signage. the whole furniture of the things scream 'Battlestar Galactica!'.
i kind of like it.

no offence to armley, but it does seem slightly incongruous to be travelling out into south leeds on a vehicle quite that swish and self-consciously cool...

anyway. i think some of the futuristicness is reflected in this one - mainly the lettering.
on the bendy bus, the seats face in different directions, meaning that you can draw peoples faces and not just the backs of their heads. the downside of this is that they can see you drawing them. so you have to be either very brazen [which i'm no good at] or very surreptitious [which i'm also not very good at, but at least it's less potentially confrontational]
this girl on the bus clocked me straight away though, before i'd even decided to draw her.

i like the composition of this pic though. she really was half-glaring at me through the hand rail like that.
somehow the design of it remind me a bit of rennie mackintosh - the shapes and the parallel [ish] verticals on the right [the folds of the bendy joint bit in the middle of the bus]


Gavin Mart said...

for a start Armley is in West Leeds and I didn't have you down as one who is into appearances so stop being a North Leeds immigrant posho... whats more no.29 is one of yer better efforts so you can thank the trip for that!!


Anonymous said...

heh heh...

guilty as charged!