Thursday, April 1, 2010

wild billy childish

last year at greenbelt we had billy childish being interviewed in the hub tent, and he was great, talking a lot of sense and saying some very thought-provoking stuff about life and art...

last week there was a short documentary about him on radio 4, and i meant to post the iplayer link, but didn't quite get around to it, and of course now it's too late.

but here are a few selected quotes from the programme that i really liked...

on the subject of people saying he can't draw - "picasso didn't get told off for bad drawing - he just made a decision..."

on being asked about his career as an artist - " 'career' is loathesome..."

on his various bands attempts to try to get rid of their fan-base every time it sprang up - "the more the audience owns you, the less you own yourself" [made me think about a conversation i had recently about how christ spent so much of his ministry actively trying to escape the crowds following him, and also of various scenes in 'life of brian'...]

the programme ended with him saying, "i want to mature, to be a better person, to be closer to god, and you can't do that by winning."

amen to that.

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