Wednesday, April 21, 2010


at the weekend i travelled down to london for a greenbelt visual arts planning meeting.

i went on the 'megabus' which was an experience - a bit like going back 25 years to the days when it felt like a real luxury to find a vehicle with any sort of toilet on it.
i guess you get what you pay for.

anyway, as sue pointed out, it's technically a coach, not a bus, so i didn't do any drawing.
[i know, i know. i feel like a fraud. i'm not proud of myself...]

here's the print of my journey back from the train station at the end of the [very long] day.
it's a bloke sat on a wall in harehills as viewed from the bus as we passed.
[for any pedants reading, it was a 13 bus - i forgot to include that on the print]

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Gavin Mart said...

yeah but I LOVE these USSR type colours here... close to a single cover here SI?