Thursday, April 1, 2010

more bus action...

more bus stuff.

this one's been done a while [as you can see from the date]

it's four trips into and out of town to meet with gav and do some shopping...

each trip on the print takes up an amount space equivalent in ratio to the time spent on each bus [if that makes sense?]

to be honest, i was a bit uninspired. and i finished a sketchbook and had to buy a crappy notebook in order to have something to draw the journey home on.

see if you can spot where i completely omitted a number.

i really like the roughness of the black letters on this. and the bloke with the glasses next to the pickard sign.
and the guy with the tartan hat too.

shame that the composition's a bit all over the shop :-(

meantime, i now have four more prints queued up and awaiting my attention. not even drawn them up onto the lino yet. :-(

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