Wednesday, August 10, 2011

exclusive dad'n'lad prints for sale!

so after much pestering, all six of the prints that i made of jonah's drawings are done, signed and ready to go.

and here they are, all signed and numbered by him [he's insisting that he's the artist. i'm just the hired hand...]

they're all printed in acrylic and water-based inks on off-white 80gsm japanese paper, and the image size on each is approx 150x210mm...

they're all for sale - 12 quid each [p&p included] or £45 for a set of all six...
we're splitting the proceeds as he's got an eye on an mp3 player he wants to buy before the greenbelt festival at the end of the month.
[it appears that we have spawned a capitalist]

email me if you're interested!

[they'll also be up in my etsy shop when i can get around to sorting that out...]

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